Sunday, May 22, 2011

2011 Haunt

The planning begins. Hopefully this year I can keep up with the blog.

We had our first meeting in January where we confirmed what this years theme will be. This coming weekend we will be having our second meeting to finalize plans and figure out scheduling.

This years theme is "Space Resort". We will come up with a better name for it as time goes along. We can up with the space idea last year when we visited the Kennedy Space Center. We have decided it will be that your going to a resort in space. All the men in the group are loving the idea of a space theme haunt.

When we sent to the Space Center Melissa and Jay bought a space suit for the baby that was on it way back then. Now the baby is here and isn't growing as fast as they thought so were not to sure if its going to fit but if it does it will be adorable.

More post to come...stayed tuned